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 Thank you for visiting Aquarius Cocktail, where the belief is:
simple is chic, quality should shine through, and a sense of humor is essential.

I grew up in Texas and Colorado. Following a stint at FIT in NYC, I made my way to Southern California where I hoped for a kinder gentler version of the fashion business.

 It worked. I’ve designed board shorts for Gotcha, hoodies for Quiksilver, invented a brand called Roxy, grew it up with Alex Goes, worked Mossimo into Target, created cashmere seahorses for Jill Roberts/Seaton, and infused some style into the comfort of Alternative Apparel.  In between, I raised 2 incredible boys, Maxwell Ford and Harris Finn.

 Along the way I’ve absorbed the essence of west coast style and the casual confidence that comes out of a certain freedom from tradition…. there is an opportunity to experiment with choices. 

 I felt I could wrangle this knowledge into a collection of clothing that reflected this journey so I created  a small batch design house in Downtown Los Angeles that relies on a tiny but mighty team of local makers and friends to whip up one-of-a-kind pieces as well as limited runs of fresh styles.

Using new & found materials we create a distinctive collection meant to be intermixed allowing for individual expression. Quality fabrics are transformed into easy styles with a nod to couture.
Thoughtful details add to the intriguing mix of high/low, boy/girl, uptown/downtown.

 Opposites attract in the best of ways.