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Article: the maria: did you know?


the maria: did you know?

The Maria muscle tank was one of the original styles to make up the Classics collection.  It was modeled after one of my 1st vintage t shirts, I cut the sleeves off to make it more wearable. This tee is still in the drawer, and I'd be happy to be buried in it.

True to the story- Aquarius Cocktail was born from my t-shirt drawer-  besties were re-cut from stretch silk, t shirt details added, then tossed into the washing machine to rough 'em up.

Maria remains a favorite today- because she started from one.

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color fields Brian Zamora

color fields LA

We recently shot our latest Look Book in a studio space just east of DTLA where there was some construction in one of the spaces under way. I was told it was an art installation, and then this pop...

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better beach

better beach

We are delighted to be a part of this extraordinary new POP UP in town. Our dear Cio, of Sita 1910 has just opened a better beach shop in the Peninsula Hotel, where we are launching our exclusive ...

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